Political Potpourri: Bay Ridge pols at GOP convention

September 6, 2012 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn sent a contingent of loyal G.O.P. soldiers to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, including state Sen. Marty Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis who both represent Bay Ridge. Golden was a Romney delegate. Malliotais was an alternate delegate.

“I am proud to say that I watched our next President accept the nomination for the highest office in the land,” Golden said.

“Governor Romney’s vision for America is one that will help restore our great nation, move our economy in the right direction, and ensure that America continues to be a beacon for freedom and democracy in the world. With Governor Romney as our candidate for President, I know that the Republican Party will be victorious this November. I look forward to Inauguration Day when I can call him President Romney,” Golden said.

“Governor Romney’s speech gave the American people a vision for prosperity and a reason to believe in the American Dream once again. President Obama’s record is one of dismal failure that has pushed our nation to the brink of economic collapse,” Malliotkais said.

“I am confident that Governor Romney’s speech is one moment in a long line of successes that will propel him to victory in November and prevent President Obama from further eroding our economic viability, national safety and individual liberties as Americans,” she said.

While he was at the convention, Golden learned that he has been endorsed by the Local 2507 of the Uniformed EMT’s Paramedics and Fire Inspectors union.

“State Senator Marty Golden has stood with the men and women of Local 2507 throughout his career. He appreciates our daily sacrifices in protecting the health and well-being of all New Yorkers. He is one of our state’s most outstanding legislators and clearly an individual who should be returned to the senate,” Israel Miranda, president of the Uniformed EMT, Paramedics and Fire Inspectors of the Fire Department of New York, said.

“I am honored to have the support and endorsement of the hard working members of Local 2507,” Golden said. “Their endorsement is another testament to the work I have been doing, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future,” he said.

Golden foes snubs IRA

Golden’s Democratic opponent, lawyer Andrew Gournardes, turned down the National Rifle Association’s request that he ill out a pre-endorsement questionnaire.

Gounardes received a questionnaire from the National Rifle Association as part of its endorsement process.

“I have no interest in being endorsed by the N.R.A. In fact, if for some reason they decided to endorse me, I would decline the endorsement,” Gounardes said.

Gounardes also asked his opponent Golden to do the same. “We may disagree on a lot of issues, but for the sake of Brooklyn and New York City, can we at least agree that the N.R.A. has no place in New York City politics?” he said.

The questionnaire asked if candidates agreed with the N.R.A. on licensing, back-round checks, high powered weapons, safety concerns and microstamping, in which guns would be stamped for identification purposes.

Support for Storobin

Speaking of endorsements, the Teamsters Joint Council 16 has endorsed the re-election campaign of Republican state Sen. David Storobin.

“Senator Storobin is a dedicated fighter for working people,” sJoint Council 16 President George Miranda said. “Joint Council 16 looks for candidates with a proven track record or a demonstrated commitment to fighting for working families.

Storobin said he was grateful for the endorsement.“Teamsters Joint Council 16 represents thousands of hardworking men and women. Our state couldn’t function without the work of teamsters day in and day out. I’m proud to have their support as I continue to fight for lower taxes, more jobs and a better quality of life for middle-class families,” he said.

Council members Sara González and Brad Lander were joined by representatives from the Department of Parks and Recreation, and local residents recently as they gathered at Nicholas A. Brizzi Playground for a meeting to discuss future improvements to the site.

Brizzi is located between 10th and New Utrecht Avenues and 42nd and 43rd Streets in Borough Park.

Brizzi Playground, named after a local community activist and decorated World War II resident, has been in need of some renovations for some time, according to Gonzalez. In fiscal year 2012, González and Lander each allocated $250,000 in City Council capital funds for the renovation project. This year, they allocated more funds, bringing the total investment for Brizzi to $1 million. The playground is in González’s council district.

“I have always enjoyed a close relationship with the Borough Park community,” stated González said. “I am incredibly proud and pleased to be able to invest in the neighborhood amenity for the benefit of local residents, parents, and children who enjoy the space. I am particularly grateful to Councilman Lander for his partnership and to the Department of Parks and Community Board 12 for their collaboration,” she said.

The first phase of work – using the FY 2012 funds – will go towards improving a neglected portion of the Playground: the unused bocce ball court. The court will be removed and replaced with synthetic turf for ball playing, new seating, and other improvements. Work is expected to begin in 2013.

Did you get your flu shot yet?

Assemblyman William Colton said he has made arrangements with Coney Island Hospital to have offer free flu shots Thursday, Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the hospital’s mobile van in front of his office at 155 Kings Highway.

Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling the assemblyman’s staff members Mike Andronico or Paul S. Lipton at 718 236-1598.

“I realize that our seniors have a difficult time traveling for necessary medications and care. That’s why I’m happy to offer these shots in my convenient, accessible community office,” Colton said.

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