Cops say drivers delivered more than UPS packages

August 20, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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On Thursday, Aug. 16, according to the NYPD, investigators assigned by Narcotics Borough Brooklyn South received a tip that a package containing several five-gallon buckets of marijuana was being placed into a UPS van parked on Farragut Road, Flatbush. Investigators followed the vehicle and saw a man removed the package and place it into a Chrysler minivan.

Detective Mazella arrested two UPS employees and one other man. He also confiscated about 30 pounds of marijuana packaged in buckets, according to the NYPD.

Arrested were off-duty UPS driver Ruben Jordan of Farragut Road; UPS driver Alexis Herv of Hawley, Pa.; and Donovan Hyde of Lincoln Place, driver of the minivan. All three were charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

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