Grimm: Ryan would make excellent veep

August 15, 2012 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn’s lone Republican congressman, Michael Grimm, says that Mitt Romney made the right choice in picking Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.

“In the time I’ve come to know Paul Ryan, I’ve learned he is a man of principles and traditional values, and that he truly has a sincere desire to put his country before politics,” Grimm said. “I believe he will be an excellent vice president, combining his knowledge on the economy with a strong work ethic to help put our country back on track and get Americans back to work.”

Grimm, a Republican conservative, voted in favor of the budget plan that Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, introduced. It includes a plan to totally revamp Medicare to turn the entitlement program into a voucher system. The House approved the budget in May. The budget bill died in the U.S. Senate.

Other Republicans also praised Romney’s choice of Ryan as the GOP’s vice presidential candidate.

“Paul Ryan has been a colleague and friend over the past year, and he will make an outstanding vice president. He has been a leader in providing serious solutions to our country’s problems, especially our debt crisis. We must prevent our country from falling over a fiscal cliff, and the Romney-Ryan team will give the nation a clear choice for the future,” U.S. Rep. Bob Turner said.

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said Romney’s choice of Ryan shows his commitment to solving the country’s economic problems.

“Congressman Ryan will use his budgetary expertise to stem the tide of our nation’s debt and restore fiscal sanity,” Long said.

Glenn Nocera, president of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, expressed confidence that the Romney-Ryan ticket is a winning one.

“We at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club wish Congressman Paul Ryan good luck in his quest to restore America back to economic success,” Nocera said.

He added that Republicans will work to make sure that “President Obama joins the roles of the current 8.3 percent unemployed Americans.”

Democrats, on the other hand, said the Romney-Ryan ticket would be a disaster for the country.

Mark Murphy, who is running against Grimm, blasted the GOP.

“This shows that, more than anything, Congressman Grimm and the national Republican Party are committed to the extreme policies of ending Medicare as we know it, privatizing Social Security, cutting public education, and giving massive tax breaks to executives making over a million dollars a year,” Murphy said.

Immigration reform activists said Romney and Ryan are not on their side.

“Mitt Romney has promised to veto the DREAM Act, nationalize Arizona’s SB1070 ‘papers please law,’ and touted self-deportation. It is clear Paul Ryan does not stand with the Latino community since he has not only defended Romney on immigration, but also deployed degrading terms, including ‘anchor babies’ in speaking about immigrants and their families,” said Erika Andiola, who described herself in an e-mail to a reporter as an undocumented immigrant.

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