Indictments dismissed in Crown Heights sex case

June 26, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Justice John Walsh, at the request of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, yesterday dismissed the indictments against four Crown Heights men accused of kidnapping a young Hasidic woman, raping her and forcing her into prostitution.

The defendants, Jamali and Jawara Brockett, Damien Crooks and Darrell Dula, were also accused of using threats to keep the 22-year-old woman in line. The defense had said the woman had been a willing participant.

However, according to the New York Times, prosecutors soon began to find out that certain documents had been withheld. Among these, according to the Times, were medical reports that said the accuser had a history of mental illness and amnesia.

Also, according to the Associated Press, prosecutors failed to turn over evidence that she had recanted some of her story.

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District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said in a statement, “We discovered on April 12, 2012 that exculpatory information was not turned over to the defense attorneys.

“I immediately directed that the documents be turned over to the defense attorneys and we joined in the application to have the defendants released pending the outcome of a reinvestigation. We have now reviewed all documents connected to this case. We have concluded as a result that we can no longer proceed with this case.”

Hynes added that “We understand the frustration of the family of the victim.”

Raanan Geberer
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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