Kings County DA to share in $6.6M funding

May 9, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Brooklyn Pol Says He Helped Correct Mayor’s Omission


BOROUGH PARK – After originally omitting it from the budget, the mayor has reversed his decision and included $6.6 million in funding for outer borough district attorney offices for the fiscal year 2013 executive budget released last week.


When the funding was not included in the Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s preliminary budget, City Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) urged him to restore it in his final budget proposal so the Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx district attorney offices have the resources needed to handle their existing caseloads. 


Greenfield, whose district includes Borough Park and Midwood, called the move and the money “crucial”


The $6.6 million in workload funding is intended to make sure that the four outer borough district attorneys, including Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, are adequately funded to meet their current workloads. The additional funding came after an analysis by the mayor’s criminal justice coordinator found that the amount of funding provided to the district attorneys by the city did not match the level each office required based on existing caseloads. 


However, despite a recommendation by his criminal justice coordinator that this funding be included in three consecutive budgets, it was initially not included in the mayor’s proposed fiscal 2013 plan.


In response, Greenfield urged the mayor to reconsider in an April 30 letter cosigned by 31 of Greenfield’s colleagues in the City Council. 


“Our city’s district attorney offices are still feeling the effects of prior rounds of budget cuts, and now is not the time to hamper their ability to meet their workloads,” wrote Greenfield. “We are certain that, like us, you believe that the district attorneys need the proper funding in order to keep crime down in New York City.”


Following the release of the mayor’s budget last week, Greenfield recognized the mayor for finding a way to fund this important initiative. 


“I am pleased that our district attorneys will have the resources needed to help keep crime at historic lows. We cannot risk public safety just to save a few dollars. Everyone knows that there are two parts to the criminal justice system — cops and prosecutors,” Greenfield said. “Both need to be fully funded to ensure that our streets are safe. That’s why my colleagues and I urged the mayor to reconsider the omission of this funding from his budget, and why I am grateful that the mayor agreed to our request.”



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