Park Slope Is the Most Unfaithful Neighborhood in the Five Boroughs, Says Website for Adulterers

April 26, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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It’s always the quiet ones. According to, a website that facilitates extramarital affairs, Park Slope’s placid, wholesome veneer conceals a hive of philanderers and cheats so vast as to rival the most iniquitous recesses of the tri-state area.

The website drew on its membership data to determine that Park Slope has the second most affair-seekers per capita of any neighborhood in the greater metropolitan area, and the most in the five boroughs, as reported by the New York Post. Edging the Slope out for the (coveted) top spot was Great Neck, Long Island, and rounding out the top five were the Upper East Side, Forest Hills and Tribeca.

Perhaps it bears mentioning that the data only shows that Park Slope has the most aspiring cheaters, not necessarily the greatest number of carried-off affairs. That dubious honor goes to Tribeca, according to the website survey.

The seeming incongruity between Park Slope’s reputation as a family-friendly neighborhood and its purported abundance of philanderers may not be that unusual, according to CEO Noel Biderman.

“For men, we’ve found that infidelity usually comes into play when children come on to the scene,” he told the Post.

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