EDITORIAL: Happy holidays

April 6, 2012 Editorial Staff
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The weather is getting warmer, Daylight Savings Time is in effect and spring in all its beauty has sprung. As brightly-colored flowers push through the sun-warmed earth, and buds burst into blossom on trees and shrubs, Brooklynites from around the borough take time out of their busy schedules to revel in the glories of nature.

For those who observe the Christian and Jewish faiths, the season is one of religious observance as well. Families will gather to mark Easter and Passover at their homes and places of worship, sharing age-old rituals which remain forever new, and we at The Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator want to wish everyone joyous holidays.

The season is also a time for reflection. People living in this neighborhood — a veritable melting pot where people from all around the globe, observing a myriad of religions, live close together in harmony – should take the time to consider how lucky they are to make their home in a community where a diversity of beliefs is not only accepted but treasured.

The diversity lends itself to an incredible richness of experience. Living close to people with varied backgrounds allows young and old alike to delve into the traditions, arts and cuisine of countries from every continent. That, in turn, promotes understanding, which, in turn, promotes peace.

That is not to say there is never a lack of harmony. Fortunately, though, when people go to school together, and play in the park together, and break bread together, they begin to learn the universal truth that we are more alike than we are different.

That is a truth that will stand us in good stead, not only at holiday time, but all year round.

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