Bring Ships to Park

March 28, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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The following is a copy of a letter sent to Borough President Markowitz.

Dear Marty,

I agree with you on almost every Brooklyn topic, so I hope you also think that Brooklyn Bridge Park should have some ships to remind everyone of Brooklyn’s rich maritime history.

Please use your great position and talent as President of the Great former City of Brooklyn to persuade the Park planners to remember Brooklyn’s maritime economy. Ask them to allow historic ships which offer programs and that people can visit to be docked at Brooklyn Bridge Park where the Brooklyn Heights Piers were once so active.

Please tell the City planners to give berths to historic boats and ships on which children and adults can learn about our relationship with the harbor and international shipping!

Yoga and Pilates, movies and jogging, bicycling and walking can be done in every park in the City. The water is the basis of Brooklyn Bridge Park! That wonderful resource should educate and stimulate.

We need to look at boats and masts! Now!

Ann Walker Gaffney

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