No Jail Time For Cop Who Planted Drugs on Coney Island Couple

February 3, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Arbeeny Begs Judge; Gets Probation

BROOKLYN (AP) — A former New York City detective who was convicted of planting drugs on two people has been sentenced to probation after asking a judge not to send him to jail.

Jason Arbeeny told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach that he couldn’t look himself in the mirror anymore. He then said to the judge, ”Please sir, I’m begging you, don’t send me to jail.” He also apologized to the victims.

Reichbach said he came to court Thursday thinking the crime required a sentence of jail time.

But he said Arbeeny’s pleas got to him. He sentenced the 14-year police veteran to five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service.

Arbeeny was convicted of planting a bag of crack cocaine on a woman and her boyfriend in Coney Island in 2007. Arbeeny was one of eight officers indicted in the Brooklyn South Narcotics scandal.

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