Precinct Council Helps Reunite Dog With Family

January 26, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BAY RIDGE — Sheba the dog is back home safe and sound. But for a while there, it looked like that wouldn’t happen.

Thanks to police at the 68th Precinct and members of the precinct’s community council, the lost doggie was returned to its owners.

Sheba was found wandering without a leash on Marine Avenue near Third Avenue one day last week. Someone brought the lost doggie to the precinct station house at 333 65th St., where the police officers took good care of the pooch.

After making the dog comfortable, the cops and their friends on the community council set about trying to find her owner.

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Ilene Sacco, the council’s president, sent an e-mail alert to thousands of people on the council’s subscriber list. She made sure to include a picture of the dog in the e-mail. Sacco asked anyone who recognized the dog to contact the precinct.

In less than a day, Sheba’s owners received a phone call from a friend who saw the picture and wanted to let them know their missing pet pooch had been found.

“The owners received a call from one of their friends who saw our email — once again proving how effective mass communication systems are,” Sacco wrote in an e-mail message.

“Our community is really so wonderful. After the email went out, many people emailed back that they had posted the pictures on their Facebook page or forwarded the email to their lists.  I even received emails and calls from our local rescues to see what they could do to help,” Sacco wrote.

 “It looks like the happiest Brooklynites tonight are Sheba, the dog that was found by precinct, and her owners, as they are now reunited!” Sacco wrote.

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