Walkin’ in a winter wonderland at St. Anselm’s

December 15, 2011 Denise Romano
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St. Anselm’s was literally a winter wonderland on the weekend ofDecember 10 and 11. The festivities kicked off with Monsignor JohnMaloney lighting the 25-foot Christmas tree on Saturdaymorning.

Melissa Lavin, St. Anselm’s Home School president, said therewas a Christmas village, complete with six-foot-tall makeshiftbuildings.

There was a gingerbread house with games and books inside, sheexplained, adding that about 1,900 people attended. There was alsoa post office where you could mail letters to Santa through themail slot.

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Of course, Santa Claus was on hand. He was available to takepictures in his living room free of charge.

Kids could go into that room, talk to him and tell him whatthey wanted, Lavin said. There was also a room with a sleighwhere a professional photographer was on hand to takepictures.

There were also 15 local vendors each day selling items, andpeople were able to make their own personal stockings andornaments.

Third through eighth graders at the school put on a Nativityplay on a rotating basis about four times an hour, complete with areal baby Jesus, played by four different babies.

Jeanine Condon, Pam Pazarecki, John Thomas and Kenneth Franzhelped organized the event.

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