Occupy Brooklyn takes its stories to the subways

November 23, 2011 Denise Romano
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Occupy Brooklyn participated in a city-wide Day of Action onNovember 17 as New Yorkers gathered at subway hubs in all fiveboroughs in the afternoon and convened at Foley Square as a sign ofsolidarity with Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors.

The afternoon of events began at Borough Hall where about 100Brooklynites shared stories of struggle via the People’s Mic.

Daniela Gioseffi, a poet and professor from Brooklyn Heights,rapped about issues that she said plague the borough such aspoverty, evictions, foreclosure, corporate influence in government,unemployment and racism.

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I am just one of the people who agree with what OWS is saying,she told The Home Reporter.

Heather C., who lives in Carroll Gardens, braved the cold rainto show her support. I am tired of people making money and mescrounging to make ends meet, even though I work [hard] , shesaid. My parents have worked hard their whole life and probablywon’t be able to retire. That’s not right.

Alessandra A., from Park Slope, agreed. I want to see a reformof the laws regulating financial institutions and the way electionsare financed, she explained. I don’t understand why the presssays OWS doesn’t have clear demands. The message is loud and clearto those who are tuned in and listening.

After an hour of sharing stories, the group went down into thesubway and took the 4 train to Foley Square. Those who did not haveenough fare were given a free swipe by fellow protestors. OccupyBrooklyn rode in the same subway car, sharing even more stories viathe People’s Mic while on the way.

The idea is for all five boroughs to get together to bringstories of New Yorkers across the city, said Leo G. of CrownHeights, who helped organize the event. People are talking abouttheir struggles and are marching to show resilience in the face ofwhat happened yesterday (the eviction of protesters from ZuccottiPark).

Once at Foley Square, Occupy Brooklyn joined thousands of otherprotestors, including students and labor union members. Afterrallying for an hour or so, the entire group marched over theBrooklyn Bridge, this time on the pedestrian walkway.

Members of UnitedNY formed a line between protestors and police,who were dressed in riot gear, on the pathway to the bridge. Chantssuch as You’re sexy, you’re cute, take off that riot suit! Weare the 99 percent, Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Michael Bloomberg has got togo! and Whose Bridge? Our Bridge! were heard loud and clearalong the march. OWS members also projected images and words on theVerizon Building such as 99% and Do Not Be Afraid for those onthe bridge to see.

Although the march was peaceful, 99 protesters were arrested onthe Brooklyn Bridge, including Councilmember Jumaane Williams, forblocking the walkway. They were taken to a precinct in Queens.

The Day of Action ended with an impromptu joint General Assemblyof Occupy Brooklyn and OWS in front of the World War II veteran’smemorial in Cadman Plaza Park.

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