Editorial: Anthony Weiner must resign.

June 15, 2011 Editorial Staff
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Congressmember Anthony Weiner must resign Now!

Congress reconvened this week – without the representative fromthe Ninth District – Weiner, who has fled the attention cast uponhis lewd and perverted life for rehab.

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We said Weiner was SEX SICK last week. As the never-endingstream of revelations and compromising photos taken semi-nude indubious and off-limits areas like the House gym streamed into theweekend newspapers, we knew it was finally over for anotherpolitical pervert.

Competing groups supporting Weiner and calling for hisresignation faced off over the weekend. TV reporters followed theembattled legislator around on mundane errands like taking in thedry cleaning.

Barraged with the question Will you resign? he emphaticallysaid No.

All weekend long the list of prominent Democrats calling forWeiner’s head grew and became quietly vocal. Those who days agojust shook their heads and declined to comment were now unabashedlycalling for him to step down.

He was at one time a scofflaw with over $2,000 in parkingtickets. He paid the price of the tickets and fines in thatcase.

Weiner is stealing the representation from his constituency andthe paycheck that goes with it. For all his lies and sexualindiscretions and his use of social media to his own sick designs,we are disappointed that he has slipped away into rehabilitationsomeplace without paying the price for his deeds.

We say the price is his job. Resign now!

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