POLICE BEAT: 68 Precinct

April 7, 2011 Heather Chin
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An unidentified thief made off with $1,500 in cash from ShobuSushi on 9427 Fifth Avenue last Sunday morning, said police.

The restaurant was closed when the alleged thief picked the lockon a rear door and forced his way in. Surveillance footage of thestreet behind the shop was collected and police are reviewing thetapes.


Two 20-year-old Hispanic women got the fright of their younglives early Saturday morning when a man allegedly jumped out of acar and brandished a long, black firearm before demanding theirvaluables.

According to police, the two women were walking home at around 1a.m. along Bay Ridge Avenue, between Third and Fourth Avenues, whenthe alleged incident occurred. The suspect is said to have stated,Give me all of your money, before grabbing one woman’s pursecontaining $10, a Blackberry and an iPod, among other things, andfleeing in his car. No injuries were reported.

The getaway car is described as a black or blue four-door sedan,which headed westbound on Bay Ridge Avenue. The suspect isdescribed as a light-skinned male wearing a black sweatshirt orjogging jacket, blue jeans and a black mask.


A 34-year-old employee at The Green Spa and Wellness Center wasrobbed of $1,540 while she was on shift Tuesday evening, policesaid.

There were surveillance cameras, but none in the room where thealleged theft occurred.


A 30-year-old man returned from vacation last Friday to discoverthat his apartment at Third Avenue and 72nd Street had been brokeninto, police said.

The alleged thief entered through the front door. The lock wasnot broken and police determined that the safety gate to the fireescape was also locked. Police interviewed neighbors and arereviewing video surveillance.

The thief made off with $950 in cash, a laptop computer, a SonyPlaystation 3, two cell phones and a lock box, all valued at over$3,000.


A 22-year-old Bay Ridge man received a bill for nearly $1,230 ona credit card account he never opened, police said.

The man told police that the charges had been made online to anaccount created on March 1. The merchandise purchased was sent toan address in North Carolina. Attempts had been made to open twoother credit card accounts in his name, but they were denied.

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