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Columbian Lawyers Association honors Kings County judiciary

December 12, 2017 By Rob Abruzzese, Legal Editor Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn held its annual Judge’s Night last Thursday where its members got to schmooze with some of the top judges in the borough. Pictured is Linda LoCascio, president of the Columbian Lawyers, and Hon. Frank Seddio. Eagle photos by Mario Belluomo

The Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn hosted Judge’s Night at Gargiulo’s in Coney Island last Thursday. The annual event continued as one of the biggest events of the year for the association, as more than 200 people were in attendance.

“Welcome to Judge’s Night, or as we like to refer to it — the all-star game,” said Joseph Rosato, chair of the Judge’s Night committee. “We have some sluggers in the room, some pinch hitters and I know Judge Knipel makes some calls to the bullpen every once and awhile.”

No particular judges are honored during the event and there are no speeches. It’s simply a night for the Columbian Lawyers to recognize the collective efforts of the local judiciary. It’s also a members-only event that gives the Columbian Lawyers an opportunity to get to know Brooklyn’s judges in a relaxed setting.

“This event was a particular favorite of our dear founder the Hon. Anthony J. Cutrona,” Rosato said. “Each year, Judge Cutrona welcomed the opportunity to recognize all of the members of the judiciary for their hard work and commitment to dispensing justice in our community with confidence, integrity and fairness to all. Tonight we honor each of you.

“The relationship between the bench and bar is important, particularly here in Brooklyn and Staten Island,” Rosato continued. “That relationship is very unique. If I had to pick one factor most prevalent in that relationship I would say that it’s mutual respect. It’s something that each of you deserve from the bar and it’s something we in this room feel from you each day so we send our thanks.”

During Rosato’s brief remarks, he thanked President Linda LoCascio, executive director Lucy DiSalvo, Chairman Steve Bamundo and Gregory Cerchione, among others. He then introduced the judges — the judges of Italian descent first, then the judges from out of borough and then the judges from Brooklyn. Judge Richard J. Montelione was introduced three times.

Linda LoCascio spoke briefly to introduce the association’s newest members. She spoke about how important the night was for her personally, as she has made her career in Brooklyn working for judges.

“This evening is especially meaningful to me because I have the great privilege of working along the judiciary, first at 360 Adams St. under Judge Lara Genovesi and now under my judge, Judge Lizette Colon,” LoCascio said. “I’m so grateful for this turnout of judges from all over Brooklyn and the Staten Island people.”