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In Public Service: New York State Senators to announce Humanity for Haiti Coalition, call to action

Following productive meetings and events in Dominican Republic, coalition of officials form Humanity for Haiti Coalition, call for enhanced US involvement

September 17, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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On Wednesday, September 14th at 10am at Life of Hope (1377 Brooklyn Avenue) in the Little Haiti area of Brooklyn, government officials, community leaders, members of the press and other stakeholders gathered to announce the Humanity for Haiti Coalition, and specific actions needed to address the economic and humanitarian crisis plaguing Haiti.

This newly formed coalition and press conference comes after a delegation of New York’s government officials visited with officials in the Dominican Republic, including President Luis Abinader, to discuss a range of issues related to trade and assistance. State Senator Kevin Parker and other officials raised the issue of the influx in Haitian refugees, and the need for deeper communication and coordination between State, Federal and regional governments.

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“As a government representative of one of the largest concentrations of Haitians outside of Haiti in Flatbush, Brooklyn and the surrounding neighborhoods, few issues are of higher importance than the governmental, economic and social crisis causing a recent dramatic increase in Haitian refugees,” said State Senator Kevin Parker. “I have been on a mission to ask the tough questions regarding the humanitarian crisis taking place in Haiti. We need more coordination and collaboration between the various levels of government, and we must do something to address rampant gang violence and Haiti’s economic and social crisis.”

Senator Luis Sepulveda was key in bringing the New York delegation to the Dominican Republic to discuss trade, humanitarian efforts and the Haitian refugees crisis.

“The humanitarian crisis in Haiti has crossed its borders to the United States, the Dominican Republic and other countries,” said Senator Luis Sepulveda. “I support Senator Parker’s efforts to call on our government to give its full attention to our Haitian brothers and sisters who suffer every day and to countries like the Dominican Republic that want to help but cannot do it alone,” Sepulveda continued.

Senator Leroy Comrie said, “Humanitarian crises that strike over time require the same urgent response of humanitarian crises that strike quickly. That’s why it is so important to work together for sustained efforts to assist the Haitian communities impacted by the crises Haiti faces, to include supporting our Dominican brothers and sisters giving aid and all those dedicated to providing assistance and care. I join the Humanity for Haiti Coalition in solidarity with all those pressing to deliver humanitarian assistance to those in need.”

“I commend Senator Parker and Senator Sepulveda for their efforts in forming the Humanity for Haiti Coalition. I share their deep concern about the Haitian crisis, and how it affects neighboring countries such as the Dominican Republic and our own United States,” Senator Reichlin-Melnick added. “ Our Haitian neighbors deserve to live with dignity and peace, just like we do. My Haitian-American constituents are some of the most courageous, strong, and patriotic people I know. I implore our government to assist those living in their beautiful nation, and help it thrive once again.”

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