Billion Oyster Project brings over 1,000 juvenile oysters to Domino Park waterfront

June 3, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Billion Oyster Project and Brooklyn-based developer Two Trees Management have teamed up to implement Oyster Research Stations at Domino Park and River Street to clean, restore, and protect the local ecosystem.

On Tuesday, the organization welcomed over 1,000 juvenile oysters to the Williamsburg waterfront reefs at Domino Park.

The Billion Oyster Project, along with local school and community groups, will monitor the oysters’ health, keeping tabs on water quality and associated marine organisms that are attracted to the cage.

Juvenile oysters, ready to be added to the Williamsburg waterfront reefs at Domino Park.

This is the first step in an education and restoration project at Domino Park that ultimately aims to restore more than 3.7 million oysters in the central stretch of the East River. In total, there will be about 10 ORSs across the two sites coined the “Williamsburg Field Station.”

“The most exciting thing for us is that this is the first step in a new and very ambitious habitat restoration project — the first of its kind, really, in that it’s funded by a private developer instead of a traditional nonprofit or a public agency,” said Rob Buchanan, community and education project manager at Billion Oyster Project. “We’re also really excited to work with Williamsburg community residents and park goers, and to be able to combine our typical outdoors field education work with public outreach and a new water testing lab in that fantastic storefront space.”

Billion Oyster Project members added the oysters to the waterfront reefs.

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