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Candidates for State Senate and Assembly Blast Albany politicians for creating havoc in NYC

June 22, 2022 Special from Brooklyn Republican Party
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Brooklyn Republicans chose the Brighton Beach Boardwalk to announce their candidates in upcoming races. They were joined and supported by Brooklyn’s Conservative Party leader, Fran Vella Marone.

Today, candidates for State Senate Vito LaBella, Sergey Federov, Brian Fox, Stefano Forte and candidates for State Assembly Alec Brook Krasny, Dmitriy Kugel, and Michael Novakhov were joined by New York State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt blasting Albany One-Party-Rule for their failed policies that have raised havoc in New York City. Surging Violent Crime has plagued the streets and opportunity is dwindling under a lack-luster economic recovery.

“Albany politicians continue to wreck our economy and our schools. Democrats botched the roll out for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which – if it was done effectively – would have assisted homeowners as well as tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead they created a boondoggle that’s allowing wealthy New Yorkers to get their Manhattan and Brownstone Brooklyn rents paid. And while they are crushing

homeowners, Democrats are also regulating parents’ say in schools, fighting school choice and are intent on dismantling our specialized high schools. New Yorkers are tired of careless politicos. As your Senator, I will deliver common sense and put your needs first,” said Vito LaBella, Republican candidate for Senate District 17

“Under One-Party-Rule, public safety has eroded, quality-of-life has diminished, and the power of the people has been abused and diluted. And Albany’s Ruling Class have no solutions to offer from their ivory towers. Families are sick and tired of the same old politicians offering the same old promises with zero results. We need leadership that cares for the working class New Yorker and will not back down from fixing the problems the people care about. Let’s take our state back and make it safer, more affordable, and freer for all people,” said Stefano Forte, Republican candidate for Senate District 11.

“These Brooklyn neighborhoods have long been home to new Americans from all parts of the world who came here for the opportunities America provides, and in doing so they anchored our economy, our schools, our small businesses, and our city and state. Instead of celebrating those accomplishments, Democrats want to take them away. New York Republicans know better and will do better.” said Alec Brook Krasny, Republican candidate for Assembly District 46.

“Southern Brooklyn families have watched the Democratic Party lose its mind with reckless policies that deny opportunity to both immigrant communities and longtime neighbors, all while trying to avoid the consequences of their irresponsibility, said Dmitriy Kugel, Republican candidate for Assembly District 47. “New York Republicans offer a clear path for a return to common sense governing that has accountability and merit and public safety at its foundation,” Kugel added.

“We are standing together here today because we need to restore balance and accountability in Albany. One-Party-Rule is clearly out-of-touch with the needs of New Yorkers. Families here in Brooklyn are concerned about commuting to work, homeowners and tenants are struggling with affordability, and having the necessary means to survive. These are the issues on the mind of every New Yorker, and our candidates have what it takes to get New York City back on its feet. Now, more than ever, we must use our voices and let them know that enough is enough,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

Brooklyn Republican Chairman Ted Ghorra summed up Brooklyn’s embrace of these candidates: “Brooklyn families know what’s authentic and know what works. We reject the disastrous Democratic policies that have turned our city and communities upside down – now in disarray and plagued with crime, homelessness, dirty streets and unnecessary and increasing high cost of living. We need the common sense policies of our Republican candidates. Our diverse communities have shown, again and again, that they vote for the candidates and party with the best plan to keep our commutes and streets safe, embrace family involvement in education and school choice, and insist on accountability instead of giveaways. That’s the recipe for continued Republican success in Brooklyn.”

In early June, State legislators left Albany with absolutely nothing to show for it. No solutions were provided to the real issues New Yorkers are facing every single day: Crime and unaffordability. New York City is facing a dramatic spike in violent crime – a direct result of Albany’s soft-on-crime laws that allow criminals back on our streets. Albany’s cashless bail policies have created a revolving door of violent criminals. With 40-year-high inflation, the cost for gas and groceries is reaching unprecedented prices, yet Albany politicians left the state capitol only helping consumers in cents.

The candidates for State Senate and Assembly are proposing multiple solutions to combat the havoc created by One-Party-Rule:

Restore Common Sense to Public Safety

  • Repeal cashless bail and close the revolving door of violent criminals;
  • Support law enforcement with the tools and resources they need;
  • Invest in Mental Health services; and

Get Our Economy Back on Track

  • Cut Taxes and Slash Business Regulations;
  • Fully Suspend the Gas Tax;
  • Invest in quality, affordable housing. Investment should be focused, thoughtful, and inclusive of all stakeholders. Groups representing property owners, local municipalities, tenants, and community businesses should all be part of the conversation on how to increase housing.

Improve Quality of Life for New Yorkers

  • Invest in workforce development;
  • Enhance Education for our kids; and
  • Ensure seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities are protected.

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