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Newlab partners with leading institutions to support high-tech entrepreneurs

Navy Yard hub now linked with Cornell, Columbia, MIT affiliates

March 10, 2021 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Newlab, a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary technology center and innovation hub, announced recently that it has established partnerships with leading universities and other organizations to continue to support entrepreneurs at its headquarters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Newlab is partnering with the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech; SecondMuse; AlleyCorp; URBAN-X; and Venture Catalysts, in addition to committing to advancing collaboration and instructional sharing with Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design; and the MIT NYC Startup Studio.

Since opening in 2016, Newlab has attracted companies from New York’s universities, incubators, venture capital firms and various entrepreneurial programs. The Newlab member community consists of more than 800 entrepreneurs, including material scientists, roboticists, computer vision experts and data scientists.

Now, Newlab has strengthened its relationships with these partners to further develop the city’s technology and entrepreneur community.

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Newlab will actively work with these organizations to identify teams that may benefit from its member community. The enhanced relationships will also benefit New York’s entrepreneurs, providing greater access to diverse sources of funding, mentorship, and production and manufacturing support.

Leaders from each of the organizations will provide guidance to Newlab member companies and participate in public events and programming on topics to strengthen and educate the entrepreneurial community.

“The New York City entrepreneur ecosystem is a thriving center of innovation, with some of the world’s top experts, engineers and inventors convening here to collaboratively apply transformative technology to the world’s biggest challenges,” said Lynn Fischer, chief marketing officer of Newlab.

“Newlab has long cultivated relationships with leading institutions in the city’s entrepreneur community. This close collaboration will not only bring more talented companies to Newlab, it will help our collective efforts to strengthen New York’s innovation ecosystem and provide support to the brilliant entrepreneurs in this city,” she said.

The announcement follows years of strong informal relationships between Newlab and the organizations, which have already resulted in new members affiliated with these organizations joining the Newlab community and continuing to grow.

Several notable examples of the companies that have participated in programs led by the other organizations before joining the Newlab community include:

  • Numina: A provider of privacy-first technologies to measure curb-level activity of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, trash and more.
  • Partsimony: A company building the future cognitive manufacturing supply chain.
  • Tarform: Creating a new breed of electric motorcycles.
  • Farmshelf: A leading provider of smart hydroponic indoor farms.
  • RoadPower Systems: Making roadways more sustainable and intelligent by recovering kinetic energy from passing vehicles and converting it into clean electricity.
  • Voltaic Systems: A full-service provider of remote charging solutions based on solar power.

The organizations collaborating with Newlab to bring more entrepreneurs and innovators to New York City include the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, which fosters radical experimentation at the intersection of research, education and entrepreneurship; Columbia Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design, dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial talent of Columbia University’s students, faculty and alumni; SecondMuse, an impact and innovation company that builds resilient economies by supporting entrepreneurs and the ecosystems around them; AlleyCorp, entrepreneur Kevin Ryan’s incubator and venture capital fund; URBAN-X, a leading accelerator for startups reimagining city life built by MINI and Urban Us; MIT NYC Startup Studio, which houses an educational accelerator for MIT student entrepreneurs; and Venture Catalysts, an ecosystem development group focusing on programming, funding, strategy and business development for entrepreneurs.

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