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Cuomo signs law limiting ICE arrests at state courthouses

December 16, 2020 Associated Press
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday signed a law limiting the circumstances under which Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials can arrest people on immigration violations at state courthouses.

The law, passed by the state Senate and Assembly in July, requires a warrant signed by a judge for ICE to make an immigration arrest. An arrest with an administrative warrant, which is not signed by a judge, or with no warrant at all would not be permitted.

The law’s supporters said courthouse immigration arrests had increased in recent years under the Trump administration, leading to fear among some that going to court proceedings on other matters could expose them to immigration enforcement.

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In June, a federal judge blocked federal immigration authorities from making civil arrests at New York state courthouses or arresting anyone going there for a proceeding.

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  1. PatrolAgent

    The safest place to make an arrest of a deportable alien is at a courthouse. Once they pass through a metal detector, you are reasonably assured they aren’t carrying weapons.

    Why is Cuomo making a “special class” protecting illegal aliens? Protecting his voters?

  2. Frances Romolo

    When I was younger all dressed up and going to Manhattan, there would be a band of illegals together with welfare PR’s (men) that would be drinking beer and hanging out at the top of the DeKalb Ave and Wyckoff Ave station. They would spit on me as I descended the stairs of the subway. This happened a number of times. I went to the 83rd Police Pct and explained the situation. I told them I always carried a stethoscope (I’m an RN) in my purse and that next time I was going to hit them with it and they told me not to do that as I would be arrested for Assault and Battery. They said that there was nothing that they could do about the spitting. I wonder if I was Black or Puerto Rican if I would be spat at? I continued to occasionally get spat at but used a different train station to enter. This is how Precious these illegals are to New York. Not all of them work and I say goodbye to half my salary each week to support them and their large families.