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  1. I am so disappointed with this publications choices in businesses and people to interview. Why not interview the “social entrepreneurs” at Shag in Brooklyn. Unlike the employees at PleaseNYC, they work to support women in our community, and their own staff. The owner of Please has done nothing but belittle other sexperts in the local field in an attempt to boost her image and sales.

  2. מט קרולפסקי

    I am writing to to the frum world to explain why I left Yiddishkite and converted to Christianity.. I was in an Ohel group home years ago ( I was in foster care too)…..Ohel put me in Yeshiva Chaim Berlin … I became frum in Chaim Berlin and stayed frum for 20 years…I just want to let all frum jews know….The reason why I left Yiddishkite and converted to Christianity is because for years I was sexually molested by rabbi Jonathan Max YEMACH SHMO FOREVER in the Yeshhiva Chaim Berlin dormitory …The pain was just too much to handle… Now I am healing in church almost every Sunday….Real sad story…But, sexual abuse destroys Jewish Neshomoys

    ימח שמו וזכרו של רביי מקס ממש לעולם ועד