Coney Island

FDNY EMT rescues teens off Coney Island

July 10, 2024 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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CONEY ISLAND AN ON-DUTY FDNY medic helped rescue three distressed swimmers at Coney Island on Saturday, reports Fox News. EMT Mitch Tarnapolsky, a member of the FDNY’s dedicated beach rescue Gator Unit, told Fox he plunged into the water as soon as the emergency call came over the radio, swimming around 100 yards out to grab two brothers, 16 and 14, towing them towards the shore. After other Gators arrived on the scene and got the teens to land, Tarnapolsky headed back out to assist an older man who had initially attempted to rescue the boys. 

Strong currents combined with soaring temperatures have made this season an especially deadly one at the city’s beaches, with two teenage sisters drowning during a rainstorm over the weekend at Coney Island and two boys drowning at Riis Park last month. Several elected officials have called for lengthening lifeguard hours past 6 p.m. Governor Hochul in May announced an initiative to help lower-income communities build swim instruction facilities and hire more lifeguards.


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