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Spoiled in-flight meals caused emergency landing at JFK airport

July 3, 2024 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — An incident aboard an overseas Delta flight has travelers wondering whether airline food is safe. The Daily News reports that a transatlantic flight bound for Amsterdam had to make an emergency landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport because the in-flight meals being served had gone bad. A spokesperson for the airline confirmed in a statement the plane was “diverted to New York’s JFK early Wednesday morning after it was discovered that a portion of the in-flight meal service was spoiled” and that “Medical crews were on-site to meet the aircraft and treat any affected passengers and crew members.” No details were provided on how many passengers ate or were sickened by the rotted food; the FDNY said medics had to treat 12 people after the flight.

At least one passenger was less concerned with the in-flight meals than about needing to arrive in Amsterdam that same day. Because of the emergency landing and diverting, the flight was scheduled to arrive in the Netherlands 16 hours behind schedule.


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