Adams administration sues to halt flavored vape sales by 11 companies

July 3, 2024 Robert Abruzzese, Courthouse Editor
Mayor Eric Adams announced legal action against companies selling illegal flavored vapes. AP photo by Peter Afiryie
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The Adams administration filed a lawsuit last April to stop 11 companies from distributing and selling flavored e-cigarettes in violation of federal, state and city laws. Now, the City of New York also filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to immediately block these companies from selling the products while the case is litigated.

“This administration has been a national leader in combating the over-proliferation of illegal disposable flavored e-cigarettes at a time when nicotine addiction among middle and high school youth is exploding,” said Mayor Eric Adams. 

“While we have already filed a lawsuit to hold these distributors accountable for their actions, the motion we have filed will help us ensure that they can no longer peddle this poison to our children while this case is being litigated,” he added.

Acting Corporation Counsel Muriel Goode-Trufant added, “By filing this motion, we are asking the court to put an immediate stop to defendants’ illegal activities while the city’s case is litigated. These companies are fueling an epidemic of e-cigarette use. Every day they are allowed to flout the law is a step backwards in our fight to protect the health of our younger New Yorkers.”

The lawsuit, initiated in April, targets distributors alleged to be selling youth-friendly flavored disposable e-cigarettes, such as Strawberry Colada and Frozen Creamsicle, to vape shops, convenience stores and online consumers. The case seeks to block these sales and seeks damages and penalties under state and city statutes. 

The city will need to present evidence showing the distribution channels used by these companies, the specific products sold, and their non-compliance with the regulations that prohibit the sale of flavored vapes. Furthermore, the city must demonstrate the public health risks associated with these products, particularly their appeal to and impact on youth, to justify the need for immediate legal intervention through a preliminary injunction.

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