Question of whether the president is ‘above the law’ is at heart of issue remanded to lower court

July 1, 2024 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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WASHINGTON, DC — THE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES disagreed about whether any U.S. President is above the law, after Justice John Roberts stated in Monday’s ruling that while “the president is not above the law,” he also “may not be prosecuted for exercising his core constitutional powers.” Therefore, Trump is “entitled to at least presumptive immunity from prosecution for his official acts.” The Associated Press on Monday reported that six of the nation’s top nine justices ruled the lower court must “carefully analyze” whether other allegations involve official conduct for which the president would be immune from prosecution, which could include trying to overturn a lost election as an official act. The court, in remanding the question back to U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, also indicated that Trump’s relentless badgering of then-Vice President Mike Pence to not certify the electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021, is subject to further analysis and that it is “ultimately the Government’s burden to rebut the presumption of immunity” in Trump’s interactions.

Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in her dissent, essentially refuted Roberts’ statement. She wrote, “…The relationship between the president and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the president is now a king above the law.”


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