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Police rescue climber from Brooklyn Bridge

The NYPD had to shut down the entire bridge

July 1, 2024 Mary Frost
Members of NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit stow their tactical ladders following the successful rescue of a Brooklyn Bridge climber on Friday. Photo: Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle
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BROOKLYN BRIDGE — A person climbed from the pedestrian walkway up onto the Brooklyn Bridge’s infrastructure towards the end of rush hour on Friday, leading police to shut down the bridge and launch a rescue mission.

NYPD closed the bridge’s eastbound lanes at 6:47 p.m., and soon after that the westbound lanes, backing traffic up into Manhattan and Brooklyn. Roughly a dozen police vehicles, including the Emergency Service Unit’s heavy rescue truck, “Truck One,”  filled the eastbound roadway. NYPD’s Harbor and Aviation units dispatched boats and a helicopter.

NYPD emergency vehicles lined the eastbound roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge during a rescue on Friday, June 28. Photo: Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle

Pedestrians on the bridge’s walkway leaned over the railing to try to catch a glimpse as ESU responders donned helmets and safety harnesses and climbed up tactical ladders. 

An NYPD spokesperson said the unnamed individual “was safely removed from the bridge.” No further description of the rescued person was provided. 

Pedestrians on the Brooklyn Bridge walkway strain to watch police carry out a rescue during Friday evening’s rush hour. Photo: Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle

Witnesses told the Brooklyn Eagle they believed the rescued person was a woman who left a purse and a shopping bag filled with possessions on the pedestrian walkway, but the NYPD spokesperson did not confirm this.

Police reopened the bridge in both directions at 7:48 p.m., according to Notify NYC.

Call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline to speak with a caring individual at any time by dialing 988.

NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit’s heavy rescue truck, “Truck One,” was one of numerous police vehicles on the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle

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