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UFT Retirees vote to oust union leaders who favored switch to privatized Medicare

June 17, 2024 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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CITYWIDE — UNITED FEDERATION OF TEACHERS’ retiree membership, angry over the proposed compulsory changes to their traditional Medicare plan, has ousted a slate of union leaders allied with its president, Michael Mulgrew, the New York Post reported on Monday, June 17. The United Caucus’ Retiree chapter, which is allied with Mulgrew, sent a notice to its supporters Saturday saying that it had lost the election — based on unofficial results — to another group, Retiree Advocate Caucus of the UFT which it referred to as a “dissident faction.” The Retiree Advocate slate will reportedly oversee about 300 union seats carrying crucial voting and administration powers and will also represent tens of thousands of retired teachers, guidance counselors and paraprofessionals. The NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees and its president, Marianne Pizzitola congratulated the new leaders on Monday, stating: “Retired Labor is standing up locally and nationally against privatizing Medicare and reducing benefits for current retirees that they earned while working. This was a historic election… No union should ever reduce a benefit, never mind the healthcare of a retired unionist, and surely never privatize a Federal Public Health Benefit.” The Public Service Retirees statement also alleged that “Aetna, the latest vendor of the city’s choice of MA provider, announced in their last quarterly shareholder meeting that they are below profit margins and promised to concentrate on ‘margins over members’ to recover the 3-4% loss in revenue.  No union should be forcing their retirees off Traditional Medicare.”

Mulgrew and his allies had supported the city’s plan.


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