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New bill requires schools evacuate scorching classrooms

June 17, 2024 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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STATEWIDE — A NEW BILL passed by the state legislature that would bar schools from using overly hot classrooms has been sent to Governor Hochul to sign, reports the Albany Times Union. The bill requires schools to send students home or to alternate locations if classroom temperatures reach 88 degrees and to address heat through air conditioning or other means once temperatures reach 82 degrees. The bill was supported by the AFT-affiliated New York State United Teachers union, but some in the state Council of School Superintendents raised concerns that students sent home may not have cooler places to return to and that costs for air conditioning could be prohibitive.

Bill sponsor Assemblymember Chris Eachus, a veteran teacher, said these concerns were overblown, noting that schools could move classes to cooler areas like auditoriums or the outdoors and charging that the new rules were long overdue: “They’ve had how many decades to address this problem?”


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