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Brooklyn’s legendary bike stuntman tells all

Rides bike with a tire — or flatscreen TV — balanced on his head

June 10, 2024 Mary Frost
You may have seen Brooklyn stuntman Leh-Boy cycling around while balancing a variety of strange objects on his head. He recently spoke to the Brooklyn Eagle in Cadman Plaza Park. Photo: Mary Frost, Brooklyn Eagle
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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYNHe’s a Brooklyn legend.

You may have seen him streak by on a Citi Bike with a tire balanced on his head. Or maybe a soccer ball, newspaper box, packing carton, watermelon or garbage can. You probably said to yourself, “That can’t be real.”

The stunts, however, are completely real. Brooklyn resident Leh-Boy Gabriel Davis (he prefers just Leh-Boy) has become a viral sensation on sites like Instagram and TikTok by balancing the most unlikely items on his head while biking through city streets.

One video captured him peddling by with a flat screen TV on his head. Another shows him balancing a full-sized couch as he cycled by. (Vertically, for the curious.)

 Comments on YouTube range from admiring to cautionary.

 “That’s insane. So much respect,” wrote one admirer.

“I was thinking that I’d love to show this to a chiropractor and see their face,” said another.

“How does he even do that?” some viewers asked.

Leh-Boy recently biked through Cadman Plaza Park, where Downtown Brooklyn meets Brooklyn Heights, pausing briefly to speak with the Brooklyn Eagle. He kept a tire balanced on his head throughout the interview, even as he explained his technique and rationale.

He uses no hidden gimmicks, Leh-Boy said. 

“I have to move my head back and forth constantly to keep the tire balanced. I can’t stop or it will fall off,” he said, fluidly demonstrating the head movement. 

Leh-Boy is originally from Liberia. “Where I’m from people always carry things on their heads,” he said.

He started out by riding around the city with a ball on his head during the COVID-19 pandemic, and worked his way up to heavier objects, Leh-Boy said.

Wherever Leh-Boy goes he attracts attention, and he hopes the crazy videos will lead to stunt gigs. He has already done work for a famous sneaker company, and is eager for more television and movie work. (He’s thinking about getting an agent.)

Leh-Boy said readers should check out his Instagram page @straitz-outta-Africa to see photos and learn more about him.

Interview over, he peddled off into the Brooklyn sunset like a true legend, with a tire on his head.

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