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Brooklyn Bar association explores revolutionary war history at Green-Wood Cemetery

May 31, 2024 Robert Abruzzese, Courthouse Editor
Members of the Brooklyn Bar Association gather for a group photo in front of Green-Wood Cemetery during the "Battle of Brooklyn Trolley Tour," held on May 22, 2024. The tour, led by historian Jeff Richman and author Barnet Schecter, explored the Revolutionary War battlefield and highlighted the rich military history of Brooklyn.
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The Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA) recently hosted a historical tour of Green-Wood Cemetery, immersing participants in the rich military history of Brooklyn, on Wednesday, May 22.

The “Battle of Brooklyn Trolley Tour” provided attendees with a unique opportunity to traverse the Revolutionary War battlefield within the historic cemetery. Led by Green-Wood Cemetery’s historian Jeff Richman and author Barnet Schecter, the tour highlighted key points of the original battlefield terrain. Richman and Schecter vividly described the movements and strategies of American riflemen as they encountered advancing British columns, painting a comprehensive picture of the pivotal Battle of Brooklyn.

In addition to Revolutionary War history, the tour also showcased notable gravestones and monuments honoring heroes from subsequent American wars. This blend of historical narratives offered a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made throughout the nation’s history.

Hon. Michael Farkas, a retired military judge and key organizer of the event, explained the importance of the tour in fostering a connection to Brooklyn’s military heritage.

“The BBA’s Military Law Committee has consistently supported and advocated for the greater New York military and veterans community,” Farkas said. “This event, in addition to being a spectacular learning experience and just an all-around great day with wonderful people from our legal community, was geared to keep at the forefront a sincere appreciation for our rich military history here in Brooklyn and for those who have served our country since the founding of our republic. 

“[Former Borough President] Marty Markowitz used to say that ‘it’s all happening in Brooklyn, baby.’ With the battles of August 1776 effectively determining the entire fate of our young nation, I’ll add that it all started here in Brooklyn, baby,” Farkas added.

The event was a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Military Law Committee, chaired by attorney Christopher Cardillo. Alongside Farkas, Maria Doti also played a role in organizing the tour.

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