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FDNY practice ‘extraction’ exercise in Brooklyn Heights

September 11, 2023 Mary Frost
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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — Passersby stopped to stare at what appeared to be an emergency situation last week as firefighters from Brooklyn’s Ladder Co. 118 wedged blocks of wood and other equipment under a dumpster parked on Henry Street.

“Is a cat trapped under the dumpster?” one woman wanted to know.

It turned out that the firefighters were practicing the use of cribbing and chocks used to prevent structures or vehicles from collapsing during a rescue.

“We’re always drilling,” one firefighter said.

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Engine Co. 205/ Ladder Co. 118 is located on Middagh Street in the north Heights.

Neighbors watched as firefighters from Ladder Co. 118 practiced rescue techniques in Brooklyn Heights. Eagle photo by Mary Frost

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