Justice Norman St. George Appointed as First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge

May 23, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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Chief Administrative Judge Joseph Zayas wasted no time this week as he has announced the appointment of Norman St. George as First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge just a day following his own appointment. 

Justice St. George is now the second-highest ranking administrative position within the state’s judiciary system. The decision received the green light from Chief Judge Rowan Wilson and was conducted in consultation with the Presiding Justices of each of the four Judicial Departments of New York State’s Appellate Division.

“I am privileged and honored to be part of an outstanding leadership team headed by our brilliant Chief Judge and dynamic Chief Administrative Judge,” Justice St. George said. “I look forward to assisting in making the New York State Courts the very best they can be.”

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As the First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge, St. George will oversee trial-level courts throughout the state and manage all departments and operations within the Office of Court Administration. He will act on behalf of Chief Administrative Judge Zayas in these responsibilities.

“Judge St. George has contributed to the New York State court system in significant ways, providing invaluable administrative guidance in his previous role as Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City and, before that, as Administrative Judge for the Nassau County Courts,” Justice Zayas said. “His legal acumen, combined with his superb managerial skills, intimate knowledge of the workings of the courts and exemplary character, make him ideally suited to take on the multiple demands of this vital administrative post.”

Prior to his new role, St. George was instrumental in managing trial-level courts in 57 counties, overseeing over 640 State-paid judges and more than 6,000 non-judicial employees. His work involved managing court resources and ensuring the justice needs of various Judicial Districts and the Court of Claims outside New York City were met. He was also tasked with overseeing New York’s local Town and Village Courts.

Judge St. George’s judicial career began with his appointment and election to the Nassau County District Court in 2004. He has held several positions since then, including serving as Administrative Judge for Nassau County Courts and Supreme Court Justice. St. George’s decisions have been published by the Official Court Reporter and the New York Law Journal.

Before embarking on his judicial career, St. George led his own law firm, handling a plethora of federal and state criminal, commercial, and civil matters. His career in law started as a tax attorney, later transitioning into a litigation associate handling various types of cases for a Long Island law firm.

A graduate of Hofstra University School of Law, Judge St. George has shared his expertise as a lecturer on both criminal and civil trial practices. His appointment takes effect immediately.

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