Court attorneys from Kings County Supreme, Criminal meet for CLE

May 23, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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A group of court attorneys from the Kings County Supreme Court, Criminal Term held a meeting at 320 Jay St. on Wednesday where they hosted Judge Barry Kamins for a continuing legal education lecture.

It’s the first meeting of the type that the group has had, and its organizers are hoping that it is just the first of many.

“We organized approximately eight or nine months ago for the purpose of an informal monthly lunch to share common trends in litigation seen throughout the various courtrooms here in Kings Supreme, Criminal,” said Bill Neri.

Bill Neri. Brooklyn Eagle photo by Rob Abruzzese.

Neri, along with his wife Maria Neri, have done a lot of the early organizing. They explained that a small group of court attorneys felt like they were seeing too many issues arise within the court system that they felt like they needed to discuss, and after a few informal meetings, they realized that the need for regular events was real.

“This fostered comradery amongst the court attorneys and a network of colleagues to share updates in the law and support each other with the research and the analysis of complex legal issues,” Neri said.

This past Wednesday, the group hosted Hon. Barry Kamins, who is now with Aidala, Bertuna and Kamins, and was formerly the administrative judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Criminal Term. Neri said that he was the perfect first speaker to attract attention and help the group’s legitimacy.

“At this point we’re planning to host quarterly accredited CLEs,” Neri said. “The group was fortunate to have Hon. Barry Kamins present his Fourth Amendment update in our inaugural CLE.”

The CLE was accredited by the NYS Judicial Institute, and Bill and Maria were very happy to see  a strong attendance of more than 30 court attorneys from Kings Supreme Criminal, Civil and Criminal Court.

“When I was the Administrative Judge, court attorneys did not have an opportunity to meet regularly to hear about developments in the law and I think Mr. Neri should be applauded for initiating this program to benefit his colleagues,” Kamins said.

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