New York City’s 4th JAG Association celebrates Lt. Col. Michael Farkas’ retirement

May 9, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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Distinguished guests from the New York City area attended an event to celebrate the retirement of Lt. Col. Michael Farkas, a military judge with the U.S. Army’s 1st Judicial Circuit on Saturday, April 29 in Virginia.

Many attendees had previously served in the 4th JAG Detachment, now known as the 4th Legal Operations Detachment. The 4th JAG Association, which has produced numerous general officers and New York-area Soldier/Lawyers, maintains strong ties among its alumni.

Members of the 4th JAG Association come together to commemorate their shared history and celebrate Lt. Col. Michael Farkas’ retirement, showcasing the camaraderie and dedication of this tight-knit group of Soldier/Lawyers.

Among the distinguished guests present were two current Brigadier Generals from the JAG Corps, three retired Brigadier Generals, the NYC-area Army Reserve Ambassador Emeritus, the Chief Trial Judge of the Army, the Chief of Staff of the US Army Legal Command, and the President of the 4th JAG Association.

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Col. Clinton Johnson, commander of the 150th Legal Operations Detachment (LOD), presented Lt. Col. Farkas with the Meritorious Service Medal on April 29, 2023, in Alexandria, Va., in recognition of his 28 years of dedicated military service. Col. Johnson also presented an Order from Col. Tyesha Smith, Chief Trial Judge of the United States Army, honoring Farkas as a Federal judge.

In his civilian life, Farkas, a former past president of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association, leads a private law practice focusing on criminal defense and securities regulatory litigation. He also holds various leadership roles within his local Bar and other organizations, including the 4th Judge Advocate General (JAG) Association, which continues to inspire future generations of JAG Corps rangers with its motto “Carpe Bagelum.”

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