Bruno Codispoti put in line to become President of the Brooklyn Bar Association

May 9, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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Most of us don’t know what we’ll be doing in June 2028 yet, but Bruno Codispoti will most likely be getting sworn in as the president of the Brooklyn Bar Association.

Codispoti will be announced as the association’s next treasurer at the BBA’s annual meeting on Wednesday. It’s the first step in a five-year-long journey in running the 151-year-old association.

At the same meeting, Joseph Rosato will officially be named the BBA’s next president. Rosato is expected to be installed during a ceremony at Borough Hall on June 14. Details for that event are still expected to be announced.

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Codispoti, founder of Codispoti & Associates, P.C., is a distinguished business attorney specializing in corporate, real estate, and intellectual property matters. A graduate of St. John’s University and New York Law School, he has a wealth of experience in both federal and state litigation.

He is a former partner at Codispoti & Mancinelli, LLP, and has been admitted to practice law in New York State, U.S. District Courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Fluent in Italian, he has been honored with the Distinguished Italian-American Award twice.

Codispoti has served as the past president of both the Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn and the Columbian Lawyers Association of Rockland County. He is also the Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee at the Brooklyn Bar Association. In addition to his legal practice, Codispoti is the President of Catasal Realty, LLC.

In addition to Codispoti coming on as treasurer, and Rosato as president, Anthony Vaughn, Jr., will be named president-elect, Christina Golkin will become the first vice president, Daniel Antonelli the second vice president, and Angelicque Moreno will be named secretary.

The new trustees include Imran Ansari, Grace Borrino, Andrea Caruso, Adam Kalish, Daniel Miller, Joy Thompson, and Joseph Vasile.

The BBA annual meeting will also feature presentations of the Lynn R. Terrelonge Bridge to Diversity Awards. This year’s honorees include past president David Chidekel and Hon. Joanne Quinones.

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