North Brooklyn Angels hosts giveaway event

May 8, 2023 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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WILLIAMSBURG — Culminating after a weeklong Donation Collection Drive powered by local businesses and residences, North Brooklyn Angels hosted a major giveaway event on Thursday in Most Holy Trinity St. Mary Church at 128 Montrose Ave.

North Brooklyn Angels, Councilmember Jennifer Gutiérrez, Most Holy Trinity St. Mary Church and Trinity Human Services, Cooper Park Residents’ Council all worked together to host.

Showing the love to area families facing economic hardship is what the Angel Babies project does, several times a year. The free giveaway events are done in partnership with several important local groups. The Women Infant and Children (WIC) Program of Brooklyn Hospital (on Graham Avenue, Williamsburg) works with 2,000 clients so there’s no doubt that the giveaway items get into the homes (or Shelters) where they are needed.

Most Holy Trinity St. Mary Church at 128 Montrose Avenue in East Williamsburg.

For a week and a half, North Brooklyn businesses, schools, cafes, and large apartment buildings signed on to host donation collection boxes for this incredible giveaway event, netting thousands of Angel Babies donations. For over a year, Most Holy Trinity St. Mary Church in East Williamsburg has generously provided the vital space needed to make this event a success, hosting hundreds of local families who “shop” for these donations.

The nonprofit organization North Brooklyn Angels started serving free meals in 2017 on the streets of Brooklyn out of their “Angelmobile,” a 40 foot mobile food service truck, powered by volunteers. During the pandemic thousands of neighbors volunteered their service to enable the preparation and distribution of over 225,000 hot midday meals plus 1.2 million pounds of bulk fresh and shelf stable food, thousands of diapers and other essential home items.

Diapers and other child care goods were distributed at Most Holy Trinity St. Mary last

Responding to community needs and opportunities made possible by local partnerships and volunteer support, the Angel Babies project elevates our vision of “neighbors helping neighbors” as we mount another big volunteer-driven giveaway event to local, new and expectant families who are in need of resources.

Shoes at the giveaway, Thursday.

The North Brooklyn Angels is a volunteer-driven, hyper-local non-profit that organizes direct action projects to address the many needs that exist in a rapidly changing North Brooklyn: hunger, poverty, homelessness & inequitable access to resources. Directly addressing food insecurity, its tiny staff, augmented by scores of daily neighborhood volunteers, serves up to 1500 hot, healthy meals per week at varying points of need in the area.

A group of volunteers at Most Holy Trinity St. Mary, Thursday, May 4.

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