Professional Development Academy empowers Second Judicial District Court employees

April 27, 2023 Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission, in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Division of Human Resources, Training and Professional Development Office, recently hosted a Professional Development Academy in the Second Judicial District on April 18 and 19, 2023. The Academy aims to provide court employees with the necessary training and skills to advance within the court system, promoting equal access and full participation in the court system for persons and communities of color.

The two-day event, which has previously been held in the Sixth, Ninth, Twelfth Judicial Districts, and for NYS Courts Office of Administration employees, focused on enhancing workplace skills and professional performance. The Academy offered training in communication skills, cover letter and resume writing, interviewing, and confidence-building, with individualized feedback provided to participants.

The event began with welcoming remarks from the Second Judicial District court leadership, including Hon. Lawrence Knipel, Hon. Matthew J. D’Emic, Charles Small, Esq., and Daniel M. Alessandrino. Members of the Williams Commission, Hon. Joanne D. Quiñones and Paul Kenny, encouraged attendees to persevere in their quest for advancement and remain prepared for new opportunities. Judge Quiñones urged attendees to “CLAIM” their next position, with the acronym standing for Cover letter, Learning about your organization, Analyzing yourself, Interviewing confidently, and Mentorship.

Attendees also heard from Yieming Siew and Tamara Broadus, leaders in the Second Judicial District, about their journeys to leadership positions within the courts. Dr. Betty Campbell, Commissioner of Jurors for Westchester County, guided participants in identifying their strengths and improving their goal-setting skills.

An attendee from the Second Judicial District commented, “I was blessed to be a part of this enriching and edifying program. I hope to apply all of the resources given to me during training toward my career growth and improving my ability to serve others within the court system.” The Academy will continue its mission by hosting the next program in the Seventh Judicial District.

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