BBA hosts drag show fundraiser for national center for transgender equality

Local law firms Golkin & Associates and Bonina & Bonina to match donations up to $500

April 25, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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The Brooklyn Bar Association’s (BBA) LGBTQ+ Committee is hosting a drag show fundraiser to support the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) in response to the surge in anti-LGBTQ+ and particularly anti-trans legislation across the United States.

NCTE is a national organization dedicated to advocating for policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels to enhance the lives of transgender individuals.

Attendees can gain entry to the public, ticketed event by making a donation of any amount, which will also entitle them to one complimentary drink. The event is spearheaded by Christina Golkin, chair of the BBA’s LGBTQ+ Committee. Law firms Golkin & Associates and Bonina & Bonina, PC, are sponsoring the event and have pledged to match all donations up to $500.

NCTE plays a crucial role in mobilizing communities, educating families, and offering legal support to the transgender community. The funds raised from the drag show will contribute to the organization’s ongoing efforts to counter discrimination and promote equality for transgender people nationwide.

“Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy a fabulous drag show while supporting the National Center for Transgender Equality in their fight for justice and equal rights,” Golkin said.

Golkin helped to create the LGBTQ+ Committee at the BBA in 2016 and has been a consistent leader for LGBTQ+ rights since taking over the committee as the chair. She explained that she has wanted to host an event like this for some time as a way to show that the bar association can not only be an ally, but can be fun as well.

Golkin is expected to take over the BBA as president in June 2025 following Joseph Rosato and Anthony Vaught, Jr.

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