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New Housing Court judges and clerks appointed to address growing backlog

March 31, 2023 Robert Abruzzese
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CITYWIDE — New York City’s Housing Court has recently announced the appointment of four new judges in an effort to tackle the lengthy waiting periods for filings of all types — Hon. Shontanu Basu, Hon. Rina Gurung, Hon. Agata Rumprecht-Behrens, and Hon. Logan Schiff. The new judges will join the ranks of the Housing Court judiciary this past Monday, March 27.

In addition to these new judges, the Civil Court has hired 60 new clerks throughout the city. Training for these new hires is currently underway, and their presence is expected to alleviate some of the pressure on the Housing Court system, ultimately leading to shorter waiting times for filings.

Supervising Judge Hon. Kevin McClanahan asked for the public’s patience during this period of expansion in a letter to the Kings County Housing Court Bar Association President Michael Rosenthal.

As part of this reorganization, some existing judges will be rotated, with new judges being assigned to specific parts. Due to the staggered start dates for the new appointees, Part D will reopen on April 12, while Part G will remain in Intake until April 3, 2023. Judge Hannah Cohen will continue to preside over Part H until April 12, 2023, and Judge Sergio Jimenez will remain in Part E until April 3.

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