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Bay Ridge Home Reporter, Feb. 21, 1956 – Army set to O.K. Narrows Bridge thru Ft. Hamilton

February 21, 2023 Editorial Staff
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Negotiations between the Army and the Port of New York and Triborough Bridge Authorities are “nearly completed at the local level,” Robert Moses said this week in reporting on the status of the proposed Narrows Bridge which he wants to build over military property at Fort Hamilton.

The agreements, which will presumably involve shuffling of some structures and facilities at Fort Hamilton to accommodate the needs of the bridge, will then be forwarded to Washington.

Robert Moses was one of the most influential urban planners of the 20th century. Brooklyn Daily Eagle photographs, Brooklyn Public Library, Center for Brooklyn History

Mr. Moses pointed out that “granting of a permit by the Army for construction of the bridge approaches on its properties is a prerequisite” to building of the bridge.

After the setback suffered by the bridge people when the voters rejected a $750 million bond issue in November, Mr. Moses reported new reason to hope that Congress will provide the needed funds so that the work can begin.

In a slap at critics of his efforts, Mr. Moses declared in his annual Triborough Authority report that “the prosperity of our people will be seriously affected” if “destructive do-nothingness” takes the place of “indispensable road-building.”

The Home Reporter’s front page for Feb. 21, 1956. Eagle Urban Media image

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