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Brooklyn Brandeis Society hosts Hanukkah luncheon

December 23, 2022 Rob Abruzzese
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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — The Brooklyn Brandeis Society teamed up with the Brooklyn Bar Association and the Chabad Tzedek Society to host a luncheon on Monday afternoon on Remsen Street for a Hanukkah Party that was attended by dozens of attorneys, judges, court employees, and law school students.

“Well, 3,300 years ago, Moses saw a bush with lights and since then we’ve been in exile so we’re not doing that again,” joked Rabbi Eliyahu Raskin. “So happy Hanukkah.”

The event was casual as approximately 70 members and guests filled the auditorium of the Brooklyn Bar Association to share lunch and donuts while celebrating the holiday.

“Welcome back it’s good to see this group back together now that we’re, God willing, post Covid, and we’re into the Festival of Lights,” said Hon. Lawrence Knipel, administrative judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Civil Term.

The Brooklyn Brandeis Society hosted its annual Chanukah Party at the Brooklyn Bar Association on Monday. Pictured from left to right: Hon. Mark Partnow, Hon. Lawrence Knipel, Steve Cohn, BBA President Richard Klass, Hon. Anne Swern, Hon. Ellen Spodek, Hon. Katherine Levine, Shaindy Raskin, and Rabbi Eliyahu Raskin. Eagle photos by Robert Abruzzese

The event brought together three groups and it was the first major event for the Brandeis Society since the pandemic started in 2020.

“We are now back again celebrating this wonderful and festive holiday,” said Hon. Katherine Levine. “It is so good to see everyone. It is really good that all of these Jewish organizations and the Brooklyn Bar Association are all cooperating and bringing light into Brooklyn. We need it.”

There were no awards or speeches made during the event. However, Rabbi Aaron Raskin was on hand to reflect on the day and to share some lessons from the Torah.

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin spoke about the Torah during Monday’s party. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

“Now more than ever we really need to come together as a Jewish community,” said Hon. Ellen Spodek, president of the Brandeis Society. “Even non Jews should feel free to join because we all have to fight anti-semitism because the next time it will be another group like the Irish or Italians, or whoever it is.”

Justice Spodek said that she hopes to see new members joining the association by the next time it meets for Purim in March.

The Brooklyn Brandeis Society is a Jewish bar association that was formed to promote camaraderie and networking amongst its members and to foster, encourage and cultivate the interest in the history, culture and teachings of the Jewish people. It is also concerned about the administration of justice in Brooklyn, maintaining vigilance against anti-semitism, and camaraderie with other bar associations.

From left: Hon. Lawrence Knipel, Hon. Katherine Levine, and Hon. Mark Partnow. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Yankel Raskin, Alan Weinberg, Rabbi Aaron Raskin, and Richard Klass. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Yankel Raskin, George Farkas, and Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Hon. Jill Epstein, Hon. Heela Capell, and Hon. Gina Levi Abadi. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
From left: Hon. Saul Stein, Hon. Anne Swern, Hon. Nancy Sunshine, Hon. Jeffrey Sunshine, Hon. Ellen Spodek, and Hon. Rachel Adams. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

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