Bay Ridge

Anti-cop slogan seen in smoke shop window

December 9, 2022 Jaime DeJesus
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A Bay Ridge smoke shop had neighbors fuming after it placed an anti-police slogan in its window.

On Nov. 16, the NYPD and the city Sheriff’s Office seized large amounts of marijuana and other products from Big Chief Smoke Shop on Third Avenue and 74th Street. Authorities said the dispensary was operating without a license.

Cops also arrested two people, one of whom was in possession of 247.8 pounds of cannabis, according to the sheriff.

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Some of the items seized during the raid. Photo courtesy of NYPD

A week later, a large sign was put outside the shop’s door. It said, “Dispensary Moved. New Location. Knock on Door for New Address.”

In the window, in big blue letters, were the words “F**k the Police.”

Since the raid, the state has granted licenses to 36 cannabis dispensaries. According to the Associated Press, the licenses, approved by the state’s Cannabis Control Board, were the first of 175 the state plans to issue. Many in the first round were reserved for applicants who have past convictions for marijuana offenses. In addition, eight nonprofit groups received licenses.

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