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Lawyer & Vet Edward King chosen to fill judicial vacancy

Democracy in the trenches seen by Brooklyn district leaders' vote

August 17, 2022 Special From Brooklyn Democrats
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On Tuesday evening, the Brooklyn Democratic Party, chaired by Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, voted for Judge Edward King as the backfill pick for the Brooklyn Civil Court seat left vacant by Judge Craig S. Walker, who recently was nominated for Justice of New York State Supreme Court in a historical Brooklyn Democratic Party Nomination Convention.

Edward King, who has run his private law practice for over 35 years, faced a tight vote against contender Stephen Burzio, the Principal Law Clerk for a New York State Supreme Court Judge in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair Rodenyse Bichotte Hermelyn and Edward King. Photo: Brooklyn Democrats

King, a Black military veteran, won the heated race to become one of the few Black male judges in the Kings County Court, adding even more diversity to the borough’s Court System.

“We don’t have too many African American males or veterans on the bench at all and I think in Kings County there needs to be more,” King previously told Politics NY. “As a Civil Court Judge, I will try to give everyone a fair shot. And give them a just result based on the facts, circumstances, and the law.”

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“The Brooklyn Democratic Party is honored to add another highly-qualified judge and more diversity to our borough’s court system,” said Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn. “King has over three decades of experience in civil litigation and proven devotion to upholding equitable and fair justice for Brooklynites.“

Brooklyn Democratic Party District leaders, who successfully engaged in a fair vote, were in attendance along with Henry Butler, the Brooklyn Democratic Party Vice Chair—who convened the meeting; Parliamentarian Rob Robinson; and Party Advisor Jeff Feldman.

All of Brooklyn’s 42 Assembly Districts were represented by in-person or proxy votes. Edward King won 279k to 219k in a weighted vote.

There were impassioned speeches during the event. Notably, prominent District Leaders (DLs) Inez and Charles Barron, who represent AD 60 and have served as dynastic NY legislators for decades, made a rare vote in person and speech. (Charles Barron is currently an NYC Councilman.)

Charles and Inez Barron Photo: Richard Drew, AP

Currently, there are only four Black male Judges in the Kings County Court system, including NYS Supreme Court Democratic nominee Craig Walker.

New York Civil Court Judges serve 10-year terms and hear cases involving monetary disputes of up to $50,000.

Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas, Ed King, Councilwoman Darlene Mealy who nominated Ed King. Photo: Brooklyn Democrats

Judge Edward King, who grew up in Harlem with a single mother, “has witnessed social inequities firsthand from a young age, and has adamantly fought for justice in the courtroom to better our community,” Bichotte Hermelyn said.

“Whoever wins tonight, we all won because we did it together,” said
former Party Chair and current DL (59th AD) Frank Seddio. (Frank Seddio Voted for Stephen Burzio.)

Ed King and District Leader of the 43rd AD, Sarana Purcell. Photo: Brooklyn Democrats

“I am supporting Ed King because he brings together an integrated community,” said District Leader Sarana Purcell (43rd AD). “We need representation that is fair and represents us.”

Arleny Alvarado-McCalla, Chair of the Brooklyn Democratic Party Executive Committee, also supported Edward, stating, “King speaks and gives advice to the community. He will bring lawyer lingo down to make things understandable to make the right decision.”

Ed King and District Leader Arleny Alvarado McCalla. Photo: Brooklyn Democrats

“With Judge King, and our diverse slate of NYS Supreme Court nominees, Brooklyn has an experienced and culturally competent judicial bench that reflects the wonderful diversity of our borough,” Bichotte Hermelyn concluded.

Ed King thanked all who supported him:

District Leaders:
Chair Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn & Josue Pierre (AD 42);
Edu Hermelyn & Sarana Purcell (AD 43);
Ari Kagan & Margarita Kagan (AD 45);
Dionne Brown-Jordan & Michael Silverman (Ad 46);
Nancy Tong & Charlie Ragusa (AD 47);
Dana Rachlin (AD 50);
Arelis Martinez (AD 51);
Erik Dilan & Arleny Alvarado McCalla (AD 54);
Anthony Jones & Darlene Mealy (AD 55);
Henry Butler & Kenesha Traynham- Cooper (AD 56);
Walter T. Mosley (AD 57);
Cory Provost & Melba Brown (AD 58);
Charles Barron & Inez Barron (AD 60).
Others: Assemblywoman Nikki Lucas (AD 60), Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Consultant Gregorio Mayers

District Leader Jennifer Faucher, Ed King and District Leader Dana Rachlin. Photo: Brooklyn Democrats

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