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New art exhibit in Owl’s Head Park

August 5, 2022 Jaime DeJesus
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Artist Eirini Lindardaki, with help from the Art in the Parks program, erected a new exhibit in Owl’s Head Park last month.

“Raised – the Floating Playground” tells the story of immigrants who passed through nearby waterways when they arrived in the U.S. It is made of wood, polyester resin, paint and ordinary recycled objects.

“At a workshop with students from Fort Hamilton High School a few years ago, the teacher and the students mentioned Owl’s Head Park and the vibrant community of Bay Ridge,” Lindardaki told this paper. “I went to visit the park and loved the energy of the community.”

Photos courtesy of Eirini Lindardaki

Over the years, she participated in other small projects and slowly developed one to honor the multicultural facets of the neighborhood.

The exhibit has a faux-marble effect to give makeshift rafts built from household furniture the elegance and substance of a marble sculpture.

“Usually we choose to make monuments of noble figures or events, but in this case, I chose to highlight the struggles of displacement in a form that resembles a playground structure and with an effect of classic sculpture,” Lindardaki said.

“Raised” is on display until April 2023.

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