BWAC presents Coney Island, FUN and The Model Wife in latest exhibits

August 1, 2022 Jaime DeJesus,
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The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition is continuing its summer season with three new exhibitions.

An opening reception for all three exhibitions will take place at 481 Van Brunt Street Saturday, July 30 from 1 to 6 pm. The gallery is open weekends from 1 to 6 pm through the duration of the shows to Sunday,  August 28.

The new exhibits will be on display from Saturday, July 30 and end Sunday, August 28.

One of the new exhibits is called More Art of Coney Island. BWAC offered a Coney Island display of art last year. This time, they will offer a bigger and new exploration of the spirit of America’s Playground with paintings and photographs.

Greg Frux, watercolor on paper from More Art of Coney Island

“Coney Island is more than a place,” said BWC in a statement. “It looms large in myth and legend, plus it is a state  of mind and lifestyle for the people who live and work there. It can be both the epitome of fun and a symbol of survival. It is a prime source of nostalgia and a hope for better days. This exhibition encompasses the attraction/aversion emotions that  Coney Island can evoke, through Coney-inspired photographs, drawings, paintings, prints and more.”

The next exhibit is called FUN, which poses the question of what fun means.

“Should we be allowed to experience fun given the current world environment?” they ask. “Is fun a memory of things past? Or should it be included as a part of a balanced mental diet, as essential as the  food we eat? Is it a feeling, a sensation, a moment, a dream?”

Member artists of the exhibit try to answer those questions that promise surprises and discoveries.

The Model Wife, Sarah Baley; photograph

Photographer Sarah Baley will also present The Model Wife.

“Reimagining a book published in 1999 by photographer/author Arthur Ollman — from her own  perspective as a Femme/LGBTQI+ artist — Ms. Baley presents thought-provoking images as developing commentary on the previous book’s exploration of the work of nine male photographers who used their wives as models,” said BWAC.

Half the proceeds of sales from the exhibition will be donated equally to the Ali Forney Center and Planned Parenthood.

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Janet Morgan, pastel on paper from More Art of Coney Island


A.J. Bernstein, photograph from More Art of Coney Island


Marie Roberts, acrylic on paper from More Art of Coney Island


John Huntington, photograph from More Art of Coney Island

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