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On the Avenue: Stars shined for Summer Stroll on 3rd!

July 15, 2022 Editorial Staff
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The stars shined on Friday, July 8 (after a brief downpour) for the first installment of Summer Stroll on 3rd — both in the night sky and on the event’s main stage at 83rd Street on Third Avenue. Celebrity guests comedian Lil “Mo” Mozzarella and freestyle recording artist Joe Zangie made appearances during the event, much to the delight of the crowd.

Lil “Mo” Mozzarella served as guest host for the first-ever cheesecake eating contest sponsored by Aunt Butchie’s Desserts, 8224 Third Ave., which he live-streamed to his thousands of loyal followers. Six contestants did their best to finish the massive, delicious cakes as a large crowd of onlookers cheered them on. In the end, friends Julian and AJ outlasted the competition and decided to split the $500 cash prize.

Freestyle recording artist Joe Zangie performs his hits on the Summer Stroll on 3rd main stage.

Zangie performed his smash hit “I’ll Be Loving You” and his new single “Love You Like Wow” to a crowd of adoring fans. The performance was sponsored by Ferrantino Fuel Corp., owned and operated by Brooklyn-born brothers Mark and Rodger Loughlin.

The special guest appearances were arranged by Summer Stroll Coordinator David Annarummo, owner of Bliss Entertainment.

“We wanted to do something special for the Strolls this year, and thanks to Aunt Butchie’s and Ferrantino Fuel we were able to put together a few special attractions at our main stage,” Annarummo said. “Lil ‘Mo’ Mozzarella drew a great crowd for the cheesecake eating contest and kept everyone entertained with his special brand of Brooklyn humor, and Joe Zangie put on a great performance afterward that had everyone dancing.”

Annarummo promised more attractions and surprises for the Stroll’s next installment, taking place July 22 from Marine Avenue to 83rd Street.

Thousands of people strolled along Third Avenue on Friday, July 8. Eagle Urban Media photo

The 2022 Summer Stroll on 3rd program is part of the 2022 “Open Streets” initiative brought to Bay Ridge through the efforts of Councilmember Justin Brannan, the Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue BID and the Merchants of Third Avenue Civic Improvement Association, Inc.

Merchants of Third Avenue President Dan Texeira of Lincoln Brokerage, 8114 Third Ave., said he was pleased to see that a little rain didn’t scare away the thousands of people who came to enjoy a night out “on the avenue.”

“We were very fortunate that the rain finished quickly and allowed everyone to be able to enjoy a wonderful evening filled with live music, outdoor dining and shopping along the avenue,” Texeira said. “The strolls are the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy all that Third Avenue has to offer.”

Merchants of Third Avenue President Dan Texeira (far left) welcomes the team from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Eagle Urban Media photo

After the July 22 event, the Stroll program returns to the northern end of the avenue Aug. 5. The event takes place again on Aug. 19 on the southern end.

Be sure to follow @SummerStrollon3rd on Facebook and Instagram as well as @SummerStroll3rd on Twitter for highlights from each event and updates on all upcoming activities. Use the hashtag #SummerStrollon3rd to have your photos and videos shared on social media.

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