Feds seize Brooklyn condo from MD convicted in ‘pill mill’ case

Local pol was acquitted of charges related to clinics

July 8, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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In the latest installment of the saga of a Brooklyn doctor who pleaded guilty to running “pill mills” out of his medical clinics, federal marshals have now taken possession of a condo Dr. Lazar Feygin owned in Kensington.

The apartment is the latest of a string of real properties seized by the government from Feygin, according to The Real Deal. 

The apartment is one of several properties seized from Feygin, 75, who served time in Rikers Island after pleading guilty in 2019 to felony charges related to an alleged oxycodone “pill mill” run from his Brooklyn clinics.

He was known to have other properties in the New York area, including a Brighton Beach condo that he sold in 2016 and what the New York Post once described as a “Monte Carlo-style mansion” in Staten Island. Feygin sold the mansion last year at a loss, The Real Deal said. 

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In 2019, Feygin pleaded guilty to 16 felonies involving his Brooklyn clinics, including criminal sale of a prescription, health care fraud and conspiracy. 

All in all, between 2012 and 2017, more than 6.3 million pills of oxycodone were prescribed as part of the ring that took in more than $24 million from the scheme, the Brooklyn Eagle reported that year. Many of the pills reportedly ended up in the hands of people who didn’t need them and who then sold them on the underground market.

Feygin also reportedly gave medical tests to many patients who didn’t need them and then billed Medicare and Medicaid.

Former Brooklyn Assemblymember Alex Brook-Krasny, who resigned his political post in 2015 to take a job with Quality Laboratory Services in Sheepshead Bay, was charged with conspiring with Dr. Feygin. Prosecutors claimed that Feygin directed his urinalysis tests to Brook-Krasny’s clinic, whereupon the two agreed to delete positive alcohol results from patient reports. In 2019 Brook-Krasny was found not guilty of five of the charges, and the remaining charges were dismissed later that year.

When Feygin was found guilty, he was sentenced to five years in prison and lost his medical license. He was released in 2020 after a COVID outbreak, according to The Real Deal.

Some people in the medical profession apparently didn’t share the feds’ opinion of Feygin. A website called “Doctors of Courage,” which gave as a contact a physician in Roanoke, VA, said, “doctors are specifically targeted by the DOJ for money through misuse of Title 21, the Controlled Substance Act.” The website described Feygin as “another independent, elderly, minority, primary care physician like most who are targeted to confiscate their assets.”

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