Police nail armed robbery suspect in Brooklyn Heights parking garage

Police blocked off suspect from exit at Cadman Plaza West

June 8, 2022 Mary Frost
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A rapid police response following an armed robbery in Brooklyn Bridge Park Tuesday night resulted in the capture of one of the suspects in a parking garage on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights.

While the details have yet to be confirmed by NYPD, what is known so far is that at roughly 10:45 p.m. several men, at least one armed, allegedly held up a person or persons walking through the park. The perpetrators then split up, with one of them leaving the park. This suspect ran into the underground parking garage at a residential tower located at 200 Cadman Plaza West.

Police from the 84th Precinct, along with numerous other NYPD vehicles and ambulances, converged at the entrance to the parking garage and at various other locations around the park. Cops entered the garage and rapidly apprehended the suspect, cuffed him and put him into a police car. 

A member of the NYPD’s K-9 team was brought in to search for evidence in the armed robbery. Eagle photo by Mary Frost

“They nailed him and brought him right out,” a building employee said.

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Following the suspect’s apprehension, police searched extensively for a gun or other evidence, combing the garage and the bushes in the yard next to the garage entrance. A member of the K-9 unit was brought in to help in the search. The dog could be seen eagerly zig-zagging across the grass and down into the garage.

A police officer from the 84th Precinct dons gloves before examining possible evidence behind a short wall behind 200 Cadman Plaza West. Eagle photo by Mary Frost

An officer at the scene said that more information could not be provided until the investigation was concluded. The Brooklyn Eagle has reached out to NYPD for further details. 

The suspect in the armed robbery in Cadman Plaza Park waits in the back seat of the 84th Precinct police vehicle while the search for evidence is carried out. Eagle photo by Mary Frost
Another view of the suspect in the Cadman Plaza Park armed robbery. Eagle photo by Mary Frost

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