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Firefighters, EMTs, paramedics honored for helping during subway shooting in Sunset Park

May 24, 2022 Jaime DeJesus
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Several firefighters and other first responders were honored by Mayor Eric Adams with a city proclamation for helping injured straphangers in Sunset Park after a man opened fire inside a train nearing the 36th Street station on April 12.

FDNY Acting Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, who was at the ceremony Monday, May 23 at City Hall, said the first responders who jumped into action were at least partially responsible for the fact that there were no deaths.

“They did what our EMTs, our paramedics, our firefighters and our fire marshals do every day, which is they put other people’s lives ahead of their own and we’ve actually been reminded of that almost daily since this incident,” she said. “So it’s a really extraordinary thing. We’re really happy to be here to honor them. We are here at City Hall. We are very grateful to the mayor for honoring you today.”

Adams, who had COVID-19 at the time of shooting, called the first responders heroes and said that far too often, they aren’t thanked enough.

“These citations are our way of acknowledging the heroic action that not only took place when the gunman unleashed a large number of bullets in our subway system, but what takes place every day,” he said. “And I join Commissioner Kavanaugh in lifting up these men and women who respond to the call of service when needed.”

“They don’t go in the other direction. They walk and run towards the danger, and it takes a special New Yorker to do that, and they are representative of the special New Yorkers we have in this city,” Adams said.

Firefighters, EMTs and fire marshal hold up their proclamations at the ceremony on Monday at City Hall. Photos by Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

On May 7, a federal grand jury indicted suspect Frank James and charged him with committing a terrorist attack against a mass transportation system and discharging a firearm during a violent crime. 

Last month, Adams spoke virtually at a ceremony at City Hall and also honored subway workers who helped save the lives of those shot in the attack.

The recipients for the day included: Firefighter Kervin Joseph, Engine Company number 228; Firefighter James Harkin, Ladder Company 114; Captain Joseph Arcuri, Engine Company 228; Firefighter Gabrielle Mondello, Ladder 114; Lieutenant Michael Cuccurullo, Ladder Company 114; Lieutenant Liz Mackiewicz, Station number 32; EMT Edwin Karasik, Station 32; EMT Julian Clemente, Station 32; EMT Brian Rodriguez-Yanez, Station 13; Paramedic Michael Hood, Station 32; Paramedic Brent Scheidell, Station 32; EMT Nadeem Abdulla, Citywide Dispatcher; EMT Jillian Mauro, Maimonides Hospital; EMT James Depaolo, Maimonides Hospital; Fire Marshall Craig Gundersen; Fire Marshall Joseph Chidichimo; and Firefighter Joseph Ryan, Ladder Company 114. 

Adams also brought up the more recent subway shooting on a Q train near the Canal Street station, which left Park Slope resident Daniel Enriquez dead, on Sunday, May 22.

“I want to just say to the family of Daniel Enriquez, who was lost, we lost him on the subway system yesterday when a gunman shot him for what appears to be an unprovoked attack on our safety,” he said. “Our heart goes out to the families, and on behalf of 8.8 million New Yorkers, we mourn with you and you are in our prayers.”

Suspect 25-year-old Andrew Abdullah surrendered himself to police Tuesday in Manhattan. He is currently in custody.

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