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District Attorney Eric Gonzalez and NYPD hosted second gun buyback event this year in Clinton Hill

May 23, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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On May 14, $200 and an iPad could be exchanged for any working handgun or assault rifle, “no questions asked” at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Lafayette Avenue. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in coordination with the NYPD offered money in the form of a $200 bank card and an iPad for each weapon turned in. All transactions were anonymous.

Bank cards were issued as guns were unloaded in boxes or paper and plastic bags and officers on-site screened them. Identification was not required.

“As the Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC), I am glad to partner with the Brooklyn DA’s Office, Law Enforcement, and the larger community to work to reduce gun violence. Public safety and quality of life issues are an urgent priority. Recent events in Buffalo at a supermarket and Laguna Woods at a Taiwanese church remind us that this is not merely a local matter, nor a primarily ‘Black thing,’ as the mainstream media suggests” said Rev. Anthony L. Trufant.

“We must not simply get handguns and shotguns off the streets, but we must also keep AR-15s out of criminals’ hands and pass sensible gun laws. Still, I agree with DA Gonzalez that the Gun Buyback Program is a small, yet meaningful step in the right direction.”

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Participants received $25 for operable rifles, shotguns and air guns. Unlimited numbers of guns could be relinquished, but participants could only receive a maximum of $600 in bank cards and one iPad per person. Active or retired law enforcement officers and licensed gun dealers are not eligible for this event.

District Attorney Gonzalez said, “Our close collaboration with law enforcement, strong commitment to holding offenders accountable, and constant engagement with communities to prevent violence is bearing fruit, with shootings in Brooklyn decreasing by nearly 25% so far this year following a 20% drop in 2021.”

“Every gun that we get off our streets is a gun that will never be used to harm another New Yorker,” said Commissioner Sewell.

“This Gun Buyback event is one more component of our continuous effort to keep the people of New York City safe, and I want to thank the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office for their partnership in this important program – and for their steadfast commitment to the people of Brooklyn.”

During a January Gun Buyback event hosted by the Brooklyn DA’s Office in Flatbush, about 40 weapons were turned in, including many types of guns that are often used in street crimes.

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